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HR automation

Why Integrate Your HR Data?

HR professionals know that managing workforce data can be a complex endeavor. Siloed information, manual data entry, and disconnected systems can lead to inefficiencies and errors. That’s where the 200 OK Integration Platform steps in.
Automatically source, evaluate, and seamlessly integrate top talent into your talent pool, simplifying the hiring process.
Facilitate a one-click onboarding experience, ensuring swift transition from pre-hire to active employee.
Effortlessly track and manage employee timesheets, ensuring accurate records and streamlined processes. Automate the tracking of employee work hours, simplifying payroll and enhancing productivity.
Facilitate a performance-driven culture by automating performance management processes. Automate performance reviews, feedback collection, and goal setting, ensuring a structured and effective approach to employee development.
Ensure a secure and smooth transition for departing employees with comprehensive offboarding automation.

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