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200 OK-AI Copilot

Elevate your efficiency with an intelligent AI assistant by your side

Leverage AI to revolutionize CRM functions by enhancing data management and customer interactions within Salesforce. Our AI-driven assistant built on ‘200 OK’ – a Salesforce native Integration Platform, integrates any LLM capabilities with Salesforce CRM, tapping into both internal and external data sources, to boost operational efficiency.

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Empowering your CRM like never before

Discover how 200 OK coupled with AI can revolutionize the user experience
Prompt Studio & Library

Create and customize your prompts while on the go, linking them to data sources. Then, effortlessly execute proven use cases by using the saved prompts in the prompt library.

AI Assistant

Your Copilot assists you across the CRM system using either saved or immediate prompts.

Pre-built LLM Integration

Get pre-configured integration with popular LLMs like OpenAI and Gemini, allowing you to select or customize integrations to meet your specific needs.

Action builder

You don't have to modify your code or actions; leave them as they are, and our AI Copilot will seamlessly connect to your existing actions.

AI Action

Supercharge Automation with Voice Commands for Your AI Copilot like invoking flows and Apex classes, additionally perform external actions from your non-CRM system that's linked to your CRM.

Benefits of 200 OK- AI Copilot

Tap into the advantages and efficiency enhancements provided by your reliable Copilot.

The 200 OK Copilot streamlines prompt creation and storage in the template library through its intuitive user interface, while also automating dynamic prompt generation based on CRM data.

Effortlessly access and retrieve data, whether it’s sourced externally or within the internal Salesforce database. Seamlessly integrate with various data sources and couple them with AI to ensure a smooth and streamlined process of gaining efficient data insights.
Rely on the trust model of 200 OK AI for your responses, which undergoes multiple layers of scrutiny from prompt generation to data masking to audit trails. Deliver responses with a secure boundary by hosted models within Salesforce, such as Einstein GPT.
200 OK Offers a flexible and efficient way to connect any AI platform with Salesforce CRM, enabling a broad spectrum of use cases.

Unlocking business value with your own Copilot

Unleash the enhanced business potential with the 200 OK AI Copilot

Increase productivity across the organization

Boost productivity across various teams such as sales, marketing, and service by implementing streamlined task management techniques including automated lead scoring, tailored content suggestions, predictive case categorization, sentiment analysis, and more.

Native to Salesforce

The 200 OK AI Copilot is constructed upon the resilient Salesforce infrastructure, ensuring that your data remains as secure as in a fortified vault.


Connect any external AI system

It harnesses the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) to perform various tasks such as generating text resembling human language, comprehending search query context, summarizing information, translating content, and more. These LLMs encompass GPT, BERT, T5, and additional models in development.
200 OK integration

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What Our Customers Says