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Beyond Boundaries: Breaking Healthcare Silos with Salesforce Integration

Employ Salesforce Integration with 200 OK, and enable healthcare providers to streamline their operations, and ensure data confidentiality like never before.

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Augmented Salesforce Integration for Healthcare Businesses: Medical devices, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Driving Medical Operations with Salesforce Integration for Medical Device Manufacturers & Pharmaceuticals Companies
Case to Complaint use-case

Integrate your CX platform and Salesforce-powered CMS for a seamless information flow between the two, streamlining complaint handling.

Inventory management

Manage inventory levels, track product (medical devices, medicines, etc.) movement, and optimize inventory distribution.

Clinical Trial Management

Accelerate R&D by connecting applications across multiple clinical sites and contract research organizations.

Contract Management

Streamline contract management, including drafting, approval, and renewal of contracts with customers, suppliers, etc.

Field Service Management

Supports field service operations for medical device and pharma companies, including installation, maintenance, and repair.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Automate sales and marketing processes, including lead generation, marketing campaigns, and tracking their performance.

Supplier management system

Integrate your supplier management system for managing supplier relationships and better procurement processes.

Data Analytics Integration

Gain valuable insights from combined data sources to optimize inventory management, forecast demand, and data-driven decisions.

Salesforce Integration for Enhanced Healthcare Operations

Welcome to the Future of Healthcare. Whether it’s connecting your CRM with ERP systems, or complaint handling, 200 OK can be customized to meet your unique business needs.

Seamless Electronic Health Records (EHR) integration

Effortlessly integrate Salesforce with popular EHR systems to centralize patient data, streamline scheduling, referrals, and intake processes, and enhance aftercare with personalized follow-up information.

Integration with Practice Management Systems (PMS) for increased efficiency

Integration enables seamless data exchange between PMS and Salesforce, reducing manual data entry and streamlining administrative tasks. It also aids in accurate billing processes, reduces billing errors, and accelerates revenue cycle management.

Smooth Telehealth Integration for Enhanced Patient Care

Seamlessly integrate your telehealth platform for providing smooth clinical services such as video conferencing, and more, including remote monitoring, patient education, and administrative tasks, in addition to clinical consultations.

Effortless Prescription and Medication Management Integration

Connect Salesforce with prescription and medication management systems to track prescriptions, manage medication adherence, and facilitate medication refills.

Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Integration

Unify Salesforce with billing and RCM systems to automate billing processes, streamline revenue cycles, and improve financial performance.

Data Analytics Integration for Improved Decision-Making

Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with analytics platforms to analyze patient data, identify trends, and gain insights for informed decision-making and quality improvement initiatives.

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