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200 OK: The Next-Gen Integration Connector

200 OK is built with a clear objective- making the integration process more accessible and hassle-free even for non-technical users and enhancing the organization's growth, collaboration, productivity, and profitability.

Zero Coding

Say no to rewriting codes again and again. 200OK supports LwC or Aura components to create a custom UI component without any integration coding.

Advanced Scheduler

Run the integration processes as per your availability. Advanced scheduler in 200OK lets you set integration on specific timings.

Multiple Integration Options

Integrate direct or indirect No-coding integration tools like Integromat, Power Automate, Automate.IO, Zapier, Mulesoft, AWS API Gateway, Google Function and get the client-side execution to avoid API limitation and payload size.

Smart Tools

200 OK is a declarative and user-friendly integration platform backed up with robust tools. From basic to advanced, you will find plenty of features that make your integration process journey more effortless than ever before.

Real Time Testing & Debugging

To detect and help correct bugs and errors, 200OK offers you advanced real-time testing and debugging features.

Advanced Support

Get the support you need. 200OK supports any data structure/ format, binary files (files and attachments), standard & custom formula support for request and response data mapper to make integration smooth and seamless.

Apex Support

With 200 OK, you will get Apex support to handle complex response data and customize the request data.

Execute Multiple Actions

200 OK helps you execute a variety of actions on a single platform. From call flows, platform events, insert/update records to invoke other integration channels, all you can do with 200 OK.

Powerful Mapper

Create, and update records with the 200 OK powerful mapper. Start by finding your favourite one.

Formula Support

200 OK helps you write your own custom formula using Apex to derive values from the response data.

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