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Pioneering Digital Transformation in Hi-Tech World


Hi-tech industries dealing with Saas or other Tech products are struggling for staying ahead of curves.The key reason they are missing out on much information is not having a seamless integration journey where they can integrate their systems to CRM and get an unified view of all data. 

The rapid digital transformation and the increasing complexity of systems have led to a pressing need for efficient integration solutions. Enterprises grapple with various pain points, including the agility to manage and connect disparate systems, the security of sensitive data, and the high costs and technical debt associated with integration efforts that harms their business growth. 

To address this challenge and give a boost to IT operations growthCEPTES comes up with an innovative solution 200 OK- the no-code integration platform. Using 200 OK any business including hi-tech can connect their Salesforce CRM to any and every 3rd party apps required for their business.

The Dilemma of External Integration Platforms of our Client:

Our client faced a perplexing challenge during integration as they were missing a seamless and secure integration solution. Their journey into integration was hindered by the limitations of external integration tools, underscoring the pressing need for a more efficient approach to IT operations growth.

The integration challenges they faced were

Data Security Risk:

  • Operating outside Salesforce raises security concerns
  • Potential vulnerabilities in data transmission and storage
  • Lack of Salesforce’s native security measures for data protection

Compliance Challenges:

  • Difficulty ensuring compliance with industry regulations
  • Non-adherence to Salesforce-specific compliance standards
  • Challenges in maintaining an audit trail within Salesforce environment

Integration Misalignment:

  • External tools don’t seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CRM
  • Discrepancy in data processing methods and structures
  • Hindered automation and synchronization with Salesforce processes

Limited Functionality:

  • External tools lack native Salesforce functionality integration
  • Inability to utilize Salesforce-specific features like Platform Events or Flows
  • Difficulty leveraging Salesforce ecosystem benefits for advanced analytics or AI integration

Dependency on External Elements:

  • Reliance on external platforms for integration functionalities
  • External dependencies for critical integration components
  • Greater risk of disruption or issues if the external platform faces downtime or changes

Addressing these challenges was critical to ensure data integrity, compliance adherence, and seamless integration with the Salesforce ecosystem.

The Solution:

In this situation, 200 OK emerged as a savior for the client, as it was capable of effortlessly resolving each of the aforementioned problems. As a native platform, it facilitated the integration and benefited the business.

Platform Events: 200 OK seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Platform Events, allowing real-time communication and data exchange between Salesforce and external systems.

Flow Integration: With 200 OK, one can easily trigger and integrate processes using Salesforce Flow, automating complex business logic and workflows within Salesforce.

Lightning Web Components (LWC): Integration with LWC components provides a modern and interactive user interface, ensuring a smooth user experience within Salesforce.

No External Developers Required: 200 OK eliminates the dependency on external developers for creating and managing integrations. Salesforce admins and IT teams can now effortlessly design and implement integrations.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality: The no-code UI allows users to design integrations through a simple drag-and-drop interface. This intuitive design makes it easy for non-technical users to set up complex integrations without coding.

Automated Actions: 200 OK’s no-code approach enables the creation of automated actions for data DML (Data Manipulation Language), making integration processes more efficient and error-free.

Advanced Data Mapper: The platform offers an advanced data mapping feature that simplifies the transformation of data between different formats, enhancing data accuracy and consistency.

We Captivated a Happy Client through 200 OK

Efficient Data Management: 200 OK offers a robust infrastructure for effective data administration. Thanks to advances in data mapping and automated data manipulation, organizations are now capable of efficiently managing their data. By ensuring the proper organization of data, this practice facilitates enhanced decision-making and more efficient operations.

Meaningful Insights: With 200 OK, businesses gain access to meaningful insights by creating a seamless data pipeline for AI tools, especially Salesforce native Einstein and CDP capabilities. The platform allows data to be collected, curated, and transformed as per defined data models, enabling businesses to generate valuable insights for informed strategies and enhanced customer experiences.

Cost-Efficient Integration: Implementing 200 OK resulted in a significant cost reduction for integration development, cutting down costs by 40%. This efficiency allows businesses to allocate resources judiciously and invest in other crucial aspects of their operations.

Technical Debt Reduction: An extraordinary 80% reduction in technical debt was realized by the client, which increased overall efficiency. By streamlining their integration processes, 200 OK was able to substantially alleviate the maintenance burden that is typically associated with conventional integration methods. This transition resulted in the establishment of a resilient, streamlined, and economical integration environment for the client.

Data Resides Securely within Salesforce: Addressing data security concerns, 200 OK ensures that all data resides securely within the Salesforce Org. This eliminates worries related to data integrity and security, aligning with the client’s core concerns.


Our readiness to support other high-tech business proprietors in their data integration endeavors is equivalent to how we assisted our client. 200 OK provides a platform for secure and seamless integration within Salesforce that does not require the use of code. 

We guarantee streamlined data administration, improved insights, and economical operations to support the expansion of IT operations and the expansion of the business by streamlining the integration process via an intuitive interface and utilizing integrated Salesforce tools.

By implementing 200 OK, high-tech organizations can enhance their integration environment and achieve success in expanding IT operations and overall business expansion. This is achieved through the optimisation of data transfers, reduction of technical debt, and assurance of data security and dependability.

About Us

200 OK is an advanced integration connector specifically designed for developers, admins, and smart business people to connect Salesforce with external cloud-based solutions and APIs without coding.

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