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Supercharge Your Salesforce Experience with CRM AI Co-Pilot


In the current rapidly evolving business environment, maintaining a competitive edge demands more than conventional approaches. With the rapid expansion of data and the intricacy of customer engagements, professionals require cutting-edge tools to effectively steer towards success.
At CEPTES, we deeply understand the difficulties encountered by Salesforce users in data management, task automation, and gaining meaningful insights. This is where the CRM AI Co-pilot steps in – revolutionizing the Salesforce experience with AI-powered support. 200 OK is committed to coming up with the best of the best innovation and CRM AI Co-Pilot is one of the new age of AI that is here to revolutionize the way you operate Salesforce.
This intelligent AI assistant is crafted to elevate your Salesforce journey, with a focus on reducing time spent and enhancing productivity by 14%. Tailored for users across diverse roles such as sales, marketing, customer support, and administration, CRM AI Co-Pilot addresses common pain points within Salesforce CRM. By seamlessly integrating multiple AI systems and consolidating data from both Salesforce and external sources, it offers effortless assistance to streamline operations and drive efficiency.
Now the question is, with so many AI-backed copilots in the market, why another Copilot? How is CRM AI Co-Pilot different and what are the use cases where it can redefine your whole Salesforce experience? Let’s delve into CRM AI Co-Pilot and why it’s a game-changer in the world of Salesforce.

Getting to know the CRM AI Co-Pilot better

  • Prompt Studio: Empowers users to create and customize prompts effortlessly, associating them with data sources and modeling potential outcomes.
  • Prompt Library: With the Prompt Library, executing established use cases becomes straightforward, as it grants access to saved prompts.
  • AI Assistant: Additionally, an AI Assistant is available to provide continuous support within the CRM system, utilizing both saved and on-the-fly prompts.
  • Pre-built AI Integration: CRM AI Co-Pilot offers pre-built AI Integration, facilitating seamless integration with renowned language models such as OpenAI and Gemini, allowing users to select or modify integrations as per their needs.
  • AI Actions: Custom actions offer the flexibility to design personalized functionalities or workflows aligned with an organization’s unique requirements, streamlining entire processes. Through custom actions, you can elevate user efficiency, enhance data precision, and streamline routine tasks on the Salesforce platform. This empowers businesses to achieve heightened efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

What sets it apart?

Connect with SFDC, multiple data sources, and with any LLM model

Because it is constructed on a Salesforce native integration platform, CRM AI Co-Pilot seamlessly merges the capabilities of any Large Language Model (LLM) with Salesforce CRM. Effortlessly access data, whether it’s sourced externally or from within the internal Salesforce database. Integration with various data sources is smooth, allowing AI to streamline the process of acquiring valuable data insights.

Tailored Insights and Recommendations

No longer do you need to spend endless hours sorting through vast amounts of data to uncover actionable insights. With CRM AI Co-Pilot, you’ll receive customized, accurate, and immediately applicable recommendations that directly impact business results. Whether it’s recognizing trends, forecasting customer behavior, or refining sales strategies, our AI assistant has all your needs covered.

Automated task execution

Fed up with monotonous tasks slowing your productivity? Allow CRM AI Co-Pilot to manage the heavy workload for you. Our AI assistant automates mundane tasks like lead scoring, offering content suggestions, and categorizing cases, giving you more time to concentrate on strategic endeavors.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

At 200 OK, we prioritize data security and compliance. That’s why we’ve built CRM AI Co-Pilot on a strong foundation of security measures, which include encryption, access controls, and audit trails. You can trust that your data is kept safe and secure with our AI assistant.
Seamless integration and customization

Regardless of whether your organization is a small business or a large enterprise, CRM AI Co-Pilot can be customized to suit your particular requirements. Our AI assistant effortlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM and other third-party applications, ensuring a personalized experience. Additionally, our flexible customization options allow you to adjust CRM AI Co-Pilot to align with your distinct business needs.

CRM AI Copilot Trust Model

Data Security Challenges

Whenever talking about Copilots, the sharing of information with AI models is basic. However, one critical concern that often arises is the risk of sharing unprotected data with AI models that may not be trustworthy. This poses a significant threat to data security and privacy, as sensitive information could potentially be exposed to malicious actors or used for unintended purposes.
The danger lies in the lack of proper safeguards and oversight when sharing data with AI models that are not fully vetted or trusted. Without adequate protection mechanisms in place, data can be vulnerable to exploitation, manipulation, or unauthorized access. This is particularly concerning when dealing with sensitive or confidential information, such as personal or financial data, which could have serious consequences if compromised.
To mitigate this risk, it’s essential to implement robust security measures and protocols when sharing data with AI models. By prioritizing data security and implementing stringent safeguards, organizations can minimize the risk of unprotected data sharing with AI models and safeguard the privacy and integrity of their data assets.

CRM AI Co-Pilot enables Salesforce users to automatically generate customized responses and summarize customer interactions for later use. Similarly, users can enjoy personalized customer emails generated by AI, utilizing contextual customer data from Salesforce. The Einstein GPT Trust Layer ensures that customer data remains within Salesforce, preventing the storage of prompts and responses by third-party LLM providers or their model training purposes.

Prompt building

A prompt serves as a guide for a large language model (LLM) to generate a valuable outcome. The richer the context provided in the prompt, the higher the quality of the result. The CRM AI Co-Pilot trust model, powered by the Einstein Trust Layer incorporates features such as secure data retrieval and dynamic grounding, empowering you to furnish AI prompts with business context securely. Additionally, features like data masking safeguard the privacy and security of the data when transmitted to a third-party LLM.

Data retrieval

Enable users to securely retrieve data for providing contextual grounding to generative AI prompts regarding your business, all while upholding permissions and data access controls. The CRM AI Co-Pilot employs advanced mechanisms to not only extract from SFDC objects but also from external data relevant data from structured and unstructured sources, including databases, documents, APIs, and online repositories. By accessing these sources, AI Copilot can provide comprehensive insights, recommendations, or assistance tailored to specific user queries or objectives.

Data masking

Before sending AI prompts to third-party large language models (LLMs), obfuscate sensitive data types such as personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card industry (PCI) information, and tailor masking configurations to suit your organization’s requirements.

Toxicity detection

Identify and flag content that contains toxic, harmful, or offensive language. To achieve toxicity detection, the CRM AI Co-Pilot is trained on large datasets containing examples of toxic and non-toxic language, and then classifies new inputs based on patterns and features in the text. It then provides scores or labels indicating the likelihood or severity of toxicity in the input text.

Audit trails

Enable administrators to track and review changes made to data within their organization’s Salesforce instance. It provides a detailed history of modifications made to records, including who made the changes, what changes were made, and when they were made. The audit trail helps organizations maintain data integrity, comply with regulatory requirements, and investigate any unauthorized or erroneous changes.

All these steps help provide a trusted response to the prompt entered by the user.

Some Common Use Cases

Here are the primary scenarios where CRM AI Co-Pilot is commonly utilized:

  1. Support department: Generating email templates by analyzing customer tone for escalating cases.

  2. Marketing department: Request additional details on a lead from the LLMs. The LLM will search various platforms for answers, and if unsatisfied, you have the option to switch LLMs as needed.

  3. Sales department: Set the tone and provide a condensed version of the entire sales emails for tailored replies.

  4. Analytics department: As an example, analysts can upload an Excel data dump, run it through the CRM AI Co-Pilot, and request specific records, reports, and dashboards as needed.

  5. Salesforce admin: As a Salesforce administrator, a common scenario involves monitoring the count of users logged in outside of regular work hours.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming Salesforce integration, providing sophisticated features to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and boost efficiency. AI empowers businesses to automate tedious tasks, analyze extensive data for valuable insights, and elevate user experience within the Salesforce environment. From predictive analytics to natural language processing, AI opens doors to innovative opportunities, revolutionizing integration workflows.

With 200 OK AI Co-Pilot, possibilities are limitless. Get to know more about it here or schedule a demo today!

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