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Salesforce Powered-Up: Key Use Cases of
CRM AI Copilot

Dive into the world of effortless integration – explore the 200 OK webinars and unlock a new dimension of connectivity
Date: 28/06/24
Time- 11 AM EDT

Key Takeaways

1. Account 360 Data

– Get a complete view of customer profiles with real-time data aggregation from external applications for better decision-making and relationship management.

2. Auto Email Reply with Multilingual Support

– Automate timely and accurate email responses in multiple languages to enhance global customer interactions.

3. Automated Sales Order Creation in ERP

– Integrate seamlessly with ERP systems to automatically generate sales orders, reducing manual work and errors while speeding up the sales cycle.

4. Task Creation Based on Activities

– Automatically create tasks from logged activities, ensuring no follow-ups are missed and boosting team productivity.

See these features in action and learn how CRM AI Copilot can automate key processes, increase efficiency, and drive better business outcomes.

Meet our industry experts

Praveen Kumar Patro
Product Owner, 200 OK

Key Take Aways

  1. Seamless Data Integration using 200OK: Learn how ‘200 OK’ streamlines data integration by offering a Salesforce Native approach, eliminating the complexities of third-party solutions. Discover how this platform can seamlessly connect your Salesforce instance with various applications.
  2. Understand powerful No-Code Data Virtualization Feature: Explore the power of no-code data virtualization. Understand how ‘200 OK’ empowers users to access and utilize data from diverse sources without storing it inside Salesforce, making data integration more accessible and efficient for customer 360
  3. How integration can become Cost-Effective and improve Salesforce ROI: Discover how ‘200 OK’ provides a cost-effective solution for data virtualization, suitable for businesses of all sizes. Reduce integration costs while increasing the accessibility and usability of your data.
  4. Real-World Use Cases / Demo: Dive into real-world use cases and success stories of organizations that have leveraged ‘200 OK’ to achieve data virtualization success. Gain practical insights and inspiration for how this platform can transform your data integration processes.
Ondemand webinar

One View, Multiple Systems: No-Code Integration of Salesforce and ERPs

Key Takeaways

1. Seamless Integration: With 200 OK, seamlessly integrate Salesforce CRM with your ERP system without writing a single line of code. Simplify the integration process and streamline data flow between the two platforms effortlessly.

2. Real-Time Data Synchronization: Keep your Salesforce CRM and ERP system in sync in real-time. Whether it’s customer information, sales orders, invoices, or inventory data, 200 OK ensures that your teams have access to the most up-to-date information across both platforms.

3. Advanced Transformation Capabilities: Transform data seamlessly between Salesforce and your ERP system with advanced transformation capabilities offered by 200 OK ETL, Data Weave, and Data Virtualization. From simple mappings to complex data transformations, our platform empowers you to customize and optimize your integration process.

4. No-Code Integration: Say goodbye to complex coding and technical barriers. 200 OK provides a no-code integration solution, allowing business users to set up and manage integrations easily. Focus on your business goals while we handle the technical complexities of integration.

5. Efficiency and Scalability: Experience increased efficiency and scalability in your business operations with our flagship product. 200 OK enables you to handle large volumes of data and complex integration requirements, ensuring your systems can scale alongside your growing business needs.

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