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Mission Possible: Becoming a Salesforce Integration Champion



Salesforce Integration In-Person Workshop

CEPTES held “Mission Possible: becoming a Salesforce integration champion” for Salesforce enthusiasts and Techies for introducing the power of “200 OK”. The 200 OK Salesforce Integration Championship workshop was a one-day event designed to educate and empower attendees on how to effectively integrate Salesforce with other systems and technologies.  

We elevated the 200 OK workshop aimed at Salesforce administrators, developers, and beginner IT professionals interested in learning Salesforce, to enhance their skills and knowledge in Salesforce integration.

A small introduction of 200 OK

200 OK is the first-of-its-kind Salesforce lightweight NATIVE INTEGRATION No-Code Platform on AppExchange. It is considered a powerful Salesforce integration application that enables organizations to seamlessly connect Salesforce with other systems and technologies.

With 200 OK, Salesforce administrators, developers, and consultants can easily integrate Salesforce with ERP, CRM, marketing automation, and other platforms, allowing for enhanced data sharing and collaboration.

With the ability to automate data flow between Salesforce and other systems, it eliminates the risk of errors and reduces time-consumption. By introducing the No Code platform, our developers have reduced the integration challenges businesses have to face.

Key Benefits:

  •         Seamless and automated data flows between Salesforce and other systems
  •         Up-to-date information by Real-time data syncing
  •         Allowing users to map custom fields and objects between Salesforce and other systems
  •         Robust security enabling industry-standard encryption and authentication
  •         Improved communication across systems
  •         Integrating with a wide range of systems not only limited to Salesforce

Insights covered in our Mission Possible Workshop-

We equipped our participants with a useful guide containing an overview of Salesforce and 200 OK to familiarize them with the workshop’s content. The 200 OK workshop addressed attendees with Salesforce integration challenges, tools, and strategies, as well as how to connect any SaaS application.

They also gained an understanding of the full scope of integration projects, including how webhooks work in Salesforce with live scenarios, and the power of ETL and live action, and gained exclusive access to the 200 OK Academy.

The key takeaways covered in our Mission Possible: becoming a Salesforce integration champion workshop-

  •         Salesforce Integration Challenges, Tools, and Strategies-
  •         Learn how to connect any SaaS Application
  •         Understand A to Z of Integration Project Scope
  •         How webhook works in Salesforce with live scenarios
  •         Power of ETL and live action
  •         Invite only access to 200 OK Academy

Highlights of Mission Possible: becoming a Salesforce integration champion: –

To organize a successful workshop for 200 OK and train the maximum interested candidates, we prepared a roadmap for “Mission Possible: becoming a Salesforce integration champion”. Our team collaborated on their efforts to create and promote campaigns enrolling interested prospects, and within a few days, we got registered with 40+ attendees.

Our Workshop started with a warm welcome and introduction of the attendees with our organizers and lead persons of CEPTES. Most attendees were curious about CEPTES, Salesforce, and the career prospects Salesforce can offer.

  • Refreshments, including breakfast and lunch, were provided for all attendees.
  • An interactive quiz section was arranged to make the learning session interesting.
  • Participants were awarded Salesforce certification vouchers, and goodies as a token of recognition.

Words from our “Mission Possible: becoming a Salesforce integration champion” participants:

Sandeep Kumar Ramapuram: I like how the trainers explained in detail about the 200 OK integration from scratch. The interaction was friendly and had a good learning experience with CEPTES’S Mission Possible Workshop.

Utkarsha Patil: While I found the learning experience to be quite beneficial and engaging. What I appreciated the most were the interactive exercises and quizzes that were included in the workshop. These activities helped to reinforce the key concepts and made the learning experience more fun and interactive.

Rochak Jain: For me, it was a fun and quite interesting Workshop done by CEPTES. I am happy to learn knowledge on how to use Postman, and how to perform integration tasks by utilizing API.

Words from 200 OK Team:

The CEPTES team is proud and delighted to have organized the “Mission Possible: becoming a Salesforce integration champion”- 200 OK workshop proved to be productive and informative. We are elated that the event was successful and that valuable knowledge has been transferred between CEPTES & the attendees. We look forward to arranging such enlightening and enjoyable workshops in the future as well.

About Us

200 OK is an advanced integration connector specifically designed for developers, admins, and smart business people to connect Salesforce with external cloud-based solutions and APIs without coding.

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