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Enhancing Property Management Through Salesforce Integration in Dubai

In the bustling real estate market of Dubai, property management companies face the continuous challenge of maintaining excellence in operations while striving from managing leads to increasing sales to making data driven decisions and maximize profitability. As Dubai continues to expand with its impressive skyscrapers and sprawling residential complexes, the need for efficient property management […]

A Definitive Handbook On How To Integrate Slack With Salesforce

Consider the following statistic:Have you ever felt irritated or frustrated trying to find your way out in the piles and piles of scattered and missed communication?According to Slack’s very own data, there are 200,000+ organizations globally that use the Slack app, with more than 10M DAUs, and Salesforce who boasts to be the world’s no. […]

Understanding Embedded Integration: A Beginner’s Guide

As a SaaS company, it is inevitable that you’ll regularly encounter integration requests from both existing clients and potential customers. API integrations with your product and your customers’ tech infrastructure have transitioned from optional extras to essential features that customers anticipate. However, the challenge lies in finding solutions when you lack the resources to facilitate […]

Navigating the Salesforce Data Integration Challenges

Before we dive into the challenges of data integration, it’s always smart to get a good grip on the basics of that specific area. Talking about data integration in particular, an astonishing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated each day, with a significant portion flowing from diverse sources such as social media, transactional systems, ERP systems, […]

Demystifying Data Mapping: What is Data Mapping in Salesforce?

Imagine you’re planning a massive concert. All the instruments (your data sources) need to play together in harmony for a beautiful performance (seamless business insights). But there’s a catch: each instrument speaks a different language (data format). This is where data mapping in Salesforce comes in – it’s the conductor that translates and coordinates everything […]

Achieving Synergy with the Ultimate Duo: Salesforce and Office 365 Integration

Microsoft 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide, with over one million customers in the United States alone using the office suite software. If you’re into managing an organization, you might agree that seamless integration between different platforms is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. If you’re using two of the most powerful […]

Integration Excellence Awaits: Join 200 OK at Salesforce World Tour Essentials Dubai!

CEPTES is going to Dubai! Yes, you heard it right! We’re excited to share that CEPTES will be showcasing their revolutionary Salesforce native and no-code integration platform, 200 OK, at the upcoming Salesforce World Tour Essentials in Dubai. This outstanding event presents an excellent chance for business experts to delve into AI innovation, boost growth, […]

A Definitive Guide to Salesforce Outlook Integration

In today’s digital era, where data is king and communication is key, the union of Salesforce and Outlook can be easily counted as one of the most game-changing breakthroughs in the integration realm. Salesforce, which is a leading CRM being used worldwide, and Outlook which is a robust email and calendar management tool, the seamless […]

Announcing 200 OK v5.0: A Game Changer for Salesforce Integration

We’ve been working hard on something big… and it’s finally here! Discover the new 200 OK v5.0. What’s new? 🚀 Bid farewell to integration challenges and embrace effortless connectivity! Our latest Connectors streamline the process of integrating with external systems. Featuring pre-configured setups and user-friendly design, you can seamlessly link Salesforce with your preferred platforms. […]

Supercharge Your Salesforce Experience with CRM AI Co-Pilot

Introduction In the current rapidly evolving business environment, maintaining a competitive edge demands more than conventional approaches. With the rapid expansion of data and the intricacy of customer engagements, professionals require cutting-edge tools to effectively steer towards success.At CEPTES, we deeply understand the difficulties encountered by Salesforce users in data management, task automation, and gaining […]